The People's Republic of Bangladesh has a developing economy, and tourist facilities outside major cities are minimal. The development of offshore gas production in the Bay of Bengal promises future economic development.

Bangladesh is almost completely bordered by India to the west, north and east, except for the Bay of Bengal in the south and Myanmar in the southeast. The capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka (Dacca), lies on the Buriganga River; the river connects Dhaka with all major inland ports.

The climate is hot and tropical, with monsoon rains June to October and cooler weather in Bangladesh November to March. Lightweight clothing is appropriate year-round, though a sweater or jacket may be needed in the evenings during the cool season.

The transportation infrastructure is poor. Ferries are more efficient than are the rail and road systems. Still, ferries often are overcrowded, lacking in passenger accommodations, and require advance booking. Moreover, they are unsafe.

Telecommunications systems are spotty: Internet access is available; phones are good in some places but unreliable in others; the postal system is unreliable for the most part. Larger hotels and business offer fax services.

Do not rely solely on credit cards. Major cards are accepted by larger hotels and businesses, but traveler's checks or cash may be needed elsewhere, and ATMs are nonexistent.

Western-style food is available primarily in higher-end hotels and restaurants; international restaurants serve Continental fare. Although there are no nightclubs, most hotels have bars and some entertainment.

Violent and petty crimes are potential problems, especially in cities and in tourist areas.



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