Falkland Islands

Since 1833 the people of the Falkland Islands have been sure of their British identity, but whether you regard them as a detached part of the British Isles in the South Atlantic, or as a part of South America, you can be assured of encountering ‘a world of difference’ here.

Weather and Climate Falklands Islands

Surrounded by water and at the same latitude South as London in the United Kingdom is North, the Falkland Islands enjoy a narrow temperature range between -5ºC in July and 22ºC in January.

From the minute you arrive, the Falklands offers you total personal security, clean air, friendly people, no crowds, no neon, no fast food, and no stress. All this in surroundings where the vastness of sky is only matched by the distance of the horizon and the eye is constantly captivated by the ever-changing play of light on water and white grass.

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